# Directadmin Web Control Panel Upgrate
# Version 1.297 To 1.301
# Date : 26 July 2007
# Server: #SV01 AND #SV02

Version 1.301
New backup option not available on all OSs [bugfix]

Version 1.3
CMD_API_MAIL_QUEUE && API for server uptime [feature]
auto purging of spamboxes (SKINS) [feature]
replaced (meg) with (MB) and added missing units (SKINS) [feature]
create ftp directory for custom paths [feature]
spam filter overwiting previous words [bugfix]
From address in system messages to be set to Resellers email [bugfix]
error in saving reseller welcome message [bugfix]
lost password reset to unsuspend account [bugfix]
added --ignore-failed-read to tar command during backup creation [bugfix]

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# Mr.Chareanrut Junnithi
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# MSN/Email: Support@oldirh.com
# Tel : 087-0175336

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