Entrust UC Multi-Domain - 4 domains+ ราคาถูก ใบรับรองความปลอดภัย SSL Certificate, HTTPS รองรับ Browser 99.9%

Entrust UC SSL ประเภท OV แบบ Multiple Domain เริ่มต้น 4 โดเมน สามารถซื้อโดเมนเพิ่มได้ สามารถสำหรับ www.domain.com, ชื่อใดๆ.your-domain.com สามารถใช้ได้กับ Microsoft Exchange 

Secure multiple domains with one certificate

Entrust UC SSL หรือ Entrust Multi-domain SSL Certificates are the ideal choice for securing multiple domains on one certificate. Our multi-domain SSL certificates, also known as Subject Alternate Name (SAN) certificates, provide website encryption, identification, and authentication for four domains: example.com, mail.example.com, otherexample.com, and example.net. Plus, www.example.com is included for one low price.

Unlimited Reissues
Cancel and reissue SSL certificates throughout their term without hassle or replacement fees.
Unlimited Server Licenses
Install SSL certificates on an unlimited number of servers at no extra cost.
Universal Browser Compatibility
Get SSL that is trusted by and compatible with more than 99.9% of current desktop and mobile browsers.
Robust Reporting
Avoid system downtime, security gaps, and accidental certificate expirations with automatic multi-person, multi-level expiration notifications.
x.509 Compliance
All Entrust certificates conform to the widely accepted x.509 international public key infrastructure (PKI).

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