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Spot and eliminate dangerous malware on your site right away

We all know how annoying, not to mention hazardous, malware is.
And since malware is designed to make very small changes to your code, an infection to a website can be difficult to detect for even the most tech-savvy individuals. But when you invest in Symantec SSL certificates or one of our standalone malware scanning products, you now have a fighting chance against pesky malware.

That's because every Symantec Pro and EV SSL certificate comes standard with a free malware scanner. If one of your pages somehow gets infected, you're alerted immediately so you can address the problem. You don't even have to install any extra software. In your face, malware!

Product Name
CA Warranty
HackerGuardian PCI Scan Control Center
$0 3,700 บ./ปี
HackerProof Trust Mark
$0 27,660 บ./ปี
Symantec Safe Site
$0 Organization 7,330 บ./ปี
Web Inspector Starter
$0 Organization 4,450 บ./ปี
Web Inspector Plus
$0 Organization 7,850 บ./ปี
Web Inspector Premium
$0 Organization 13,080 บ./ปี
Web Inspector Enterprise
$0 Organization 23,810 บ./ปี